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    Cool Million Dollar Listing : No Guarantees in the Real Estate Game - 02/10/2011 09:00 PM EST , BRAVO

    Synopsis:* Josh Flagg must make a difficult decision; Josh Altman risks losing his commission on a favor to his mother; Madison must jump through hoops.

    What did Madison say that the seagulls did when he was "clearing out negative energy" with Kathy, after Kathy asked if the seagulls were mates?
    Pecked on his glass windows

    What did Burt do outside of the "pocket listing" home that he was showing to Ismir, after Ismir lay on the bed in the master bedroom?
    Told him the yard was made for a party

    What did the female agent who represented a buyer interested in Ruth's apartment tell Josh Altman she wanted to do, while they met in his office?
    Close in less than thirty days

    What did Madison say that Ismir did for a living when he talked with Heather in his office, after Madison complained about being sore from working out?
    Built a business as an entrepreneur

    What did Josh Altman ask Ruth to do inside of her home as a condition
    Make a blueberry pie for him

    What did Josh Altman say that Matt did while they talked next to a pool, before Matt said that Judi had a "favorite son"?
    Picked her up at the airport

    What did Monet do after Josh Flagg and Todd told him at a restaurant that he had received an offer much lower than the listing price?
    Walked away with a bottle of wine

    What did Josh Flagg do during a phone call with Todd, after Todd interrupted his breakfast to tell him about a potential investor deal?
    Offered to have his car cleaned

    What did the female agent do, while Josh Altman and Mike tossed a football back and forth in Josh's office?
    Left to make a phone call

    What did Josh Altman do at the restaurant, after Ruth said she accepted the offer on her apartment?
    Called to tell his mother
    Ford Shelby Cobra

    What was Mike doing in Ruth's apartment when Kathy, the first potential buyer wearing a pink jacket, walked in the room?
    Lounging on a couch

    What did Josh Atlman say he did for Ruth, before he arrive to take her to dinner?
    Reserved tickets for an opera show
    Picked out a bouquet of flowers
    Lowered the passenger car sea

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    Circuit advertisement Million Dollar Listing : No Guarantees in the Real Estate Game - 02/10/2011 09:00 PM EST , BRAVO
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