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    Paranormal State - I am Six . A&E . 11pm

    What did Laura do just after Father Andrew Calder began the exorcism on her?
    Made the shape of a pentagram

    What did Chip Coffey tell Ryan and Father Andrew Calder that he did when he was startled while sitting in Laura’s room?
    Watched the doorknob turn

    What did Chip Coffey tell Barbara and Bob that it was time for them to do after they discussed the possibility of Laura being possessed?
    Join together as a family unit

    What did Chip Coffey tell Ryan he was doing after Laura came back during the exorcism?
    Walking the house to see if the demon was hiding

    What did Barbara tell Ryan in the bathroom that Laura did while she was being drowned?
    Banged on the side of the tub

    What did Father Calder tell Ryan that something kept doing to him as they walked through Laura’s basement for the first time?
    Testing his physical perimeter

    What did Laura do for Chip Coffey and Ryan after the successful exorcism as a way to thank them?
    Offered them some of her artwork

    What did Barbara tell Ryan during their second interview that she had to do to Laura after she fell out of bed one night?
    Spray her with holy water

    What did an EMT tell Laura while checking her vitals that everyone agreed they would do during the exorcism if they needed to?
    Transport her to the hospital

    What did Chip Coffey tell Ryan was the first thing that voices told him they wanted to do when they entered Laura’s home?
    Get rid of the religious stuff

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