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    MyPoints search toolbar question

    Well I finally downloaded the toolbar for the extra pts offered this month and completed all my searches. I did like it for a while. It counted my MP searches and showed my MP current point balance. But then whenever I was changing unrelated sites I would get messages that said like "the MyPoints server cannot find the site you are looking for" all the time. So what does that mean??? Why am I using the MP server?? why couldn;t it find my sites that I use all the time?? and It changed my default search from google to MP even though it had its own MP search bar in its toolbar. So I finally uninstalled the creepy thing, and I hope I will still get the extra MP points, and I may reinstall for next months pts temp.. but now I cannot get my IE browser to lock in google as my default search engine, it keeps pointing to MP- ugghhh! how to I get google back as my default search engine?

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    Circuit advertisement MyPoints search toolbar question
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    If you are searching in the bar in the top right corner of the page, there should be a little upside down triangle beside the search button, click on that, and select Change Search Defaults. Google should be listed, click on google and then click Set Default and that should change it. Hope this helps.

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