Thread: Ugh - fleas!

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    Ugh - fleas!

    We have an indoor only cat, but somehow she managed to get fleas. Poor thing had started to lick and chew on herself before we realized what was going on. I picked up one of those treatments to put on her back between the shoulder blades, and it seems to have helped a little. We're not so keen to take her to the vet ($$$) so we're looking for ways to address the problem as affordably as possible. We're spraying rugs and doing a lot of vacuuming, which does seem to have slowed the progress. Any suggestions?

    We live in an old house (built in 1906) and we do seem to have some mice, which we think may be the source of the fleas. We've got a fair amount of traps out for them, too.
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    We had them years ago. Had to bomb the house and vacuum constantly. Went through a ton of vacuum bags! I found a website devoted to getting rid of fleas (who knew?). She has a simple flea trap using plates/pie pans, Dawn dish detergent, and battery tea lights (I assume they are raised up out of the water, even though it doesn't say that!). Might help. Good luck.

    Eleven years ago I found a kitten (our cat now!) in my garden covered with fleas. I couldn't even bring him in the house. The vet was able to inject him with something -- killed the fleas within a day! You could actually see the dead ones laying on the towel we had lining the carrier. So -- it might be worth the money to rid the fleas -- but you'll need to keep treating him.

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    I remember when I was a kid, we had to dig up our backyard for septic system replacement (or something like that), and the house got infested with fleas! My poor dog! We tried everything! (This was back in the 80's). We ended up having the house fumigated. That was the only thing that worked. I don't remember how we got them off of her though. At the time, probably flea bath and flea collars.

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