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    Did you see that man wipe his nose on a clerks shirt sleeve???

    I know these are crazy times and people in stores are usually in their own little world that's why they are blocking the aisle with their carts or have to pick up each can and read it and almost never put it back in the right place. But that man who wiped his nose on that clerks shirt for reminding him to wear a mask sent me off the charts. WTH!! Why did she just stand there and take it, I guess she was in shock because she didn't even step back. I'm afraid I would have punched him. Then at the grocery store I usually shop at a couple loaded up a cart and ran out the door coughing saying they were Covid positive. There was a guard at the door, something new, and I guess he just stepped back and let them leave, which is probably what I would have done because they don't pay him enough to dodge bullets or grab possible Covid positive thieves. Rudeness is at an all time high in my area.
    Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone, and be kind to one another.

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