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    I do agree and I'm looking forward moving on. ...

    I do agree and I'm looking forward moving on. I've been good at saving points for auctions so hopefully I can end this with prize or two. I gave up on shopping sprees. I don't know if the contest...
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    My access to games has already been disabled. ...

    My access to games has already been disabled. Hopefully everyone who has been cut off can get some prizes.
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    I suspect we don't fit within their demographics....

    I suspect we don't fit within their demographics. Although I would've liked to determine when to quit, I see this as a way to move on to other things. Also our access to the trivia games will end...
  4. Defiance : Slouching Towards Bethlehem; 08/07/2014 , SYFY

    Synopsis: In order to prevent a terrorist attack in New York that could result in catastrophe, Nolan must interrogate a suspected spy.

    What did Nolan do after Amanda called out for Kenya,...
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    Royal Pains : Oh, M. G.; 08/05/2014 , USA

    Synopsis: Hank treats a perfumer who is losing the sense of smell; Evan and Ray hold a grand opening for HankLab; Divya tries to protect Jeremiah.

    What did Hank do before an orderly wheeled...
  6. Major Crimes : Sweet Revenge; 08/04/2014, TNT

    Synopsis: The team works overtime to solve the murder of a tech entrepreneur; Rusty struggles to feel accepted when Raydor's son comes home to visit; Fritz Howard prepares to assume command of the...
  7. Defiance : If You Could See Her Through My Eyes; 07/31/2014, SYFY

    Synopsis: Datak is framed for a bizarre murder and turns to an unlikely ally for help; Irisa discovers more about her destiny after encountering a mysterious stranger.

    What did Datak do after he...
  8. Royal Pains : I Did Not See That Coming; 07/29/2014, USA

    Synopsis: Divya bonds with a patient who struggles to get pregnant; Hank reignites his European romance; Paige and Evan seek help with their issues.

    What did Charlotte say she could do before...
  9. Major Crimes : Cutting Loose; 07/28/2014, TNT

    Synopsis: The star of a police show is the prime suspect in the murder of his biggest fan.

    What did Taylor do after telling the team that Jonny leaked information about the case onto a social...
  10. Defiance : This Woman's Work; 07/24/2014, SYFY

    Synopsis: After an Arkfall crash, Pottinger recruits Nolan to lead their salvage mission; Stahma makes a shocking power play; Irisa confides her dark secrets to Tommy.

    What did Stahma do before...
  11. Royal Pains : Electric Youth; 07/22/2014 , USA

    Synopsis: Hank and Divya treat a house-sitter; Jeremiah treats a burlesque dancer and gets close to her roommate; Paige makes an important discovery; Emma becomes a tipster for a gossip site.

  12. Murder in the First : Suck My Alibi; 07/21/2014, TNT

    Synopsis: A key witness in the Cindy Strauss murder case turns up dead; Terry and Hildy set out to find the truth; Erich Blunt's attorney tries to prove his innocence.

    What did Ivana do after she...
  13. Major Crimes : Two Options; 07/21/2014 , TNT

    Synopsis: The team joins forces with the Special Operations Bureau when an elderly couple is shot in their home; a killer prowls Los Angeles taking hostages along the way.

    What did Taylor confirm...
  14. Royal Pains : Everybody Loves Ray, Man; 07/15/2014, USA

    Synopsis: Ray believes his new chef is drinking on the job, but Hank disagrees; Divya treats a NASCAR crew chief; Jeremiah has concerns about the potential lab location; Hank tries to get Emma to...
  15. Major Crimes : Jane Doe Number 38; 07/14/2014, TNT

    Synopsis: The squad searches for answers when a young runaway is found murdered in a trash can; Raydor consults her husband about a proposition that she has for Rusty.

    What did Jack ask Rusty if...
  16. Defiance : Beasts of Burden; 07/10/2014, SYFY

    Synopsis: A badly shaken Pottinger orders Nolan to hunt down and destroy those responsible for the attack on his caravan; a vengeful Datak is determined to reclaim control over the family business.
  17. Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol : 07/09/2014 , FX

    Synopsis: After the IMF is implicated in a global terrorist plot and shut down, Ethan Hunt and his team must go under cover and ``off the grid'' to clear the organization's name.

    What did Brandt...
  18. Royal Pains : Goodwill Stunting; 07/08/2014, USA

    Synopsis: Evan reaches out to a woman with a strange illness; Paige and Russel have a realization about their client; Evan and Jeremiah recognize they will have to go to battle; Hank wins back a...
  19. Major Crimes : Do Not Disturb; 07/07/2014, TNT

    Synopsis: The squad must work quickly when a foreigner is found murdered inside his hotel room; Rusty contemplates sharing a secret with the squad.

    What did one of Lina's friends tell Flynn and...
  20. Royal Pains : Steaks on a Plane; 07/01/2014 , USA

    Synopsis: Hank becomes embroiled in a plot while in Monte Carlo; Divya and Jeremiah treat mysteriously ailing firemen; Paige and Evan search for a new place to live.

    What did Berta tell Hank not...
  21. Major Crimes : Letting It Go; 06/30/2014, TNT

    Synopsis: The squad must question possible suspects when an alleged rapist is murdered; Rusty catches his mother in a lie.

    What did Sykes do while Laura cried over the fact that she would never...
  22. Defiance : In My Secret Life; 06/26/2014 , SYFY

    Synopsis: Irisa returns to Defiance and is arrested; Mayor Pottinger offers Nolan her release in exchange for capturing those responsible for nearly killing him; Stahma plots to keep Datak behind...
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  24. Murder in the First : Who's Your Daddy? 06/23/2014 , TNT

    Synopsis: The inspectors search for clues; a witness from a past investigation approaches Hildy with concern for his mother's safety.

    What did Hildy do after D-Hop's stepfather picked up a knife...
  25. Major Crimes : Frozen Assets; 06/23/2014 , TNT

    Synopsis: The division works to solve the murder of a dog who was left a 20 million dollar estate by his deceased owner; the squad begins to suspect foul play in the death of the dog's owner.

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