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    The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

    What did Clay do to Sean's car after Sean flirted with Clay's girlfriend?
    * Threw a ball at the back window

    What did D.K. do that caused him to lose his final race against Sean?
    * Rolled off the edge of a cliff

    What did D.K. do to Sean after he interrupted his drifting lesson at Han's practice yard?
    * Punched him in the face

    What did Han do after crashing his car while trying to escape D.K.?
    * Died in a massive explosion

    What did Han do after drifting circles around a car at a stop light?
    * Took a girl's telephone number

    What did Han say he did when he lent Sean his car, knowing he would wreck it?
    * Tested his character and loyalty

    What did Sean do that caused him to lose an underground race against D.K.?
    * Swerved into another driver after a turn

    What did Sean do to break up a fight between Twinkie and one of his angry customers?
    * Replaced a damaged music player

    What did Sean do to take the lead and eventually win a car race against Clay?
    * Blasted through a construction site

    What did Sean do when he first approached Uncle Kamata at a lounge?
    * Handed him a bag of money

    What did Twinkie do to distract D.K. as he pointed a gun at Han?
    * Pushed a button to lower the garage gate

    What did Uncle Kamata do when he made a surprise visit to D.K. in his office?
    * Accused him of losing money

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