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    Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

    What did Cal Naughton Jr. admit to Ricky Bobby that he had done in the past as Ricky Bobby was in the hospital?
    * Posed for nude photographs in a magazine

    What did Jean Girard do to Ricky Bobby in the bar when Ricky Bobby refused to admit that he enjoyed crÍpes?
    * Broke his arm on a billiard table

    What did Jean Girard say he Gregory wanted to do when they retired in Stockholm?
    * Design a currency for dogs and cats to use

    What did Lucy Bobby ask Reese Bobby to do with her before he got kicked out of a restaurant?
    * Attend a ballroom dance class with her once a week

    What did Reese Bobby do as Ricky Bobby tried to defeat Jean Girard at Talladega?
    * Tried to scalp tickets that were held for him at the counter

    What did Ricky Bobby do after defeating Jean Girard at Talladega?
    * Embraced him and gave him a long kiss

    What did Ricky Bobby do after he crashed his car during his race against Jean Girard?
    * Rolled around on the ground in fear that he was on fire

    What did Ricky Bobby do while Reese Bobby was trying to help him get back to who he used to be?
    * Drove down the road and into a house

    What did Ricky Bobby find that Cal Naughton Jr. had done when Ricky Bobby came home to discover his wife was leaving him for Cal?
    * Pasted his own face onto a family portrait

    What did Susan do after giving an inspirational speech to Ricky Bobby in a bar?
    * Climbed over the table to kiss him

    What did the driver of the Laughing Clown car do as the pit crew attended to his car before Ricky Bobby volunteered to drive?
    * Climbed out in order to use the washroom

    What did Walker say he had done during the day while everyone sat down to dinner?
    * Thrown his grandfather's war medals off of a bridge

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