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    50 First Dates

    What did Alexa do when Henry told her to bring a fish to a sick walrus?
    * Dove head first into water-filled barrel

    What did Henry do on his third attempt to get a date with Lucy, after she pretended she could not speak English the day before?
    * Cried about not being able to read

    What did Henry do to break up with a woman he didn't like?
    * Pretended [to be a top | he was a] secret agent

    What did Henry do to get Lucy's attention at the restaurant on his third attempt to get a date with her?
    * Pretended to cry loudly

    What did Henry do to Lucy's brother after he tried to attack Henry outside of her house?
    * Pushed him to the ground

    What did Henry jokingly say that he did when Lucy asked to know more about him while videotaping him on the beach after a Luau?
    * Danced ballet alone in his bathroom

    What did Henry say he did before Lucy asked if he loved her because she wanted to "keep the video as up-to-date as possible"?
    * Won more than seven chicken wing contests

    What did Henry say, in a video, that Lucy should do after she dreamed that they kiss in her art studio?
    * Dress up in a warm jacket

    What did Lucy and Henry catch each other doing after making a date?
    * Dancing at their cars
    What did Lucy and Henry catch each other doing after they agreed to meet for breakfast again the next day?
    * Dancing next to their cars

    What did Lucy do in the morning when she awakened next to Henry and didn't recognize him?
    * Knocked him out with a [shovel | piece of sporting equipment]

    What did Lucy do to Ula after Henry had Ula pretend to attack him by his car?
    What did Lucy do to Ula while he and Henry tried to get her attention on the side of the road?
    * Beat him with a baseball bat

    What did Lucy have Henry do since she wanted to forget that he existed?
    * Type up the contents of her journal

    What did Lucy say about herself after Henry said he had fed a walrus earlier that day?
    * Liked the smell of fish

    What did Lucy's dad do to prove to her that her accident had really happened?
    * Gave her a scrapbook from the past year

    What did Lucy's father and brother do after she went to bed once their movie was finished?
    * Painted the garage again

    What did Lucy's father do to her brother after he tricked her into losing a bet?
    * Threw his shoe at him

    What did Lucy tell Henry to do on the following day so he wouldn't "strike out" with her?
    * Give her some lilies

    What did Marlin and Doug do after they finished watching a movie with Lucy and she went upstairs to bed?
    * Painted the walls in the garage

    What did Tom repeatedly do to Henry, Lucy and her family at the clinic?
    * Introduced himself and shook their hands

    What did Ula do on Henry's boat after Henry yelled at him to get to work ?
    * Dropped through floor hole
    What did Ula do while he was on Henry's boat, after Henry yelled at him to start doing some work ?
    * Became stuck in a hole along the floor

    What did Ula tell Henry to do in Hawaiian that Henry thought was a profound ancient saying just before he left on his boat?
    * Bring him back a T-shirt

    What was Henry doing while dolphins jumped in the background, after he shooed away Ula from watching him and Lucy kiss?
    * Singing and playing the ukulele for her

    What was Ula doing the first time Lucy watched a videotape that Henry made for her to highlight the past year?
    * Licking a coconut bikini top

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