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    White Christmas

    What did Betty do after she left Judy in Vermont and arrived in New York?
    * Embarked on a solo career

    What did Betty do to Bob after she learned from Emma that the boys were going to exploit Gen. Waverly for publicity?
    * Refused to practice the song he wanted

    What did Bob accuse Phil of doing for him after they performed in Florida that Phil claimed was for Bob's "own good"?
    * Introducing him to various women

    What did Bob do as he and Betty were rehearsing for the show at the inn that prompted them to lock eyes for the first time?
    * Put his arms around her to demonstrate a tempo on the piano

    What did Bob do during his appearance on Ed Harrison's TV show?
    * Sang about underemployed generals

    What did Bob do for Betty when she confessed that she was having trouble sleeping?
    * Gave her milk and some sandwiches

    What did Judy and Phil do as they danced together after Judy and Betty's performance in Florida?
    * Swung around poles on a dock

    What did Judy do to Bob, unbeknownst to him, before Bob went onstage as Santa Claus to sing "White Christmas"?
    * Placed a gift for him into his bag

    What did Phil and Bob do during Judy and Betty's performance while Judy and Betty escaped from the sheriff that their landlord sent after them?
    * Danced in their place and lip-synched their song

    What did Phil do as Judy suggested that they get engaged in order to encourage Betty and Bob to do the same?
    * Inched away from her on a window seat

    What did Phil do for Bob when they served in the army together after a surprise attack following their performance?
    * Pulled him away from a falling building

    What did Phil do to prevent Gen. Waverly from seeing Bob's appearance on Ed Harrison's TV show?
    * Feigned an injury from falling down the stairs

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