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    Project X

    What did a man do in the house, that Costa told Thomas it would be "no problem" to fix?
    * Shattered one of the windows

    What did a man in a black jacket do as Thomas ran after Kirby as she was upset?
    * Rode around on a motorcycle

    What did a man in a hooded sweatshirt do after he jumped out of the oven in front of Costa?
    * Punched him in his groin

    What did a man in a jumpsuit do after a reporter noted that he heard a commotion?
    * Shot fire from a flamethrower

    What did Costa do after he burst into Thomas's bathroom while he was taking a shower?
    * Rubbed his toothbrush on a bar of soap

    What did Everett do after Costa told Rob that they refused to keep the noise down at ...
    * Shocked him with a Taser

    What did several students do after Thomas and Costa returned to school?
    * Chanted their names repeatedly

    What did the party guests do before Thomas reminded them that Milo was his dog?
    * Attached him to balloons causing him to float ...

    What did Thomas do after he saw that a news helicopter had been dispatched and hovered ...
    * Gestured inappropriately and jumped off the roof

    What did Thomas do after unwrapping the birthday present that Kirby gave him?
    * Kissed her on her lips

    What did T-Rick do after he realized that Thomas and his friends were attempting to drive ...
    * Pounded a crack in the windshield

    What did Tyler and Everett do as Rob was screaming at Costa and telling him that eh was ...
    * Tackled him to the ground

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