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    What did a man do outside of the Paris airport, after Kimmy and Amanda first arrived there?
    * Took a picture of them

    What did Bryan do, after Sheerah told him that Kimmy should pick another career?
    * Played a game of poker

    What did Bryan do in order to get to the man who purchased Kimmy, while he fought on a boat?
    * Jumped through a plate of glass

    What did Bryan do when a man pulled him out of a taxi, after he interrogated Peter about Kimmy and Amanda?
    * Kicked him in the face

    What did Bryan do when he came back to the translator, after he had a run in with a prostitute's pimp?
    * Pulled out a radio handset

    What did Bryan do when he was driving and discovered that he was being followed by one of Jean-Claude's men?
    * Sped through a red light

    What did Bryan do while he was in a man's room, before the man viewed Kimmy who was up for auction?
    * Offered him a bottle of champagne

    What did Bryan do while Isabella was crying, after Jean-Claude talked about his expenses at a dinner?
    * Shot her in the shoulder

    What did Kim do when she was trying to hide from the men that took Amanda from the loft in Paris?
    * Crawled under a bed

    What did Kimmy do after Bryan gave her a karaoke machine?
    * Rode on a brown horse

    What did Kimmy tell Bryan that she and Amanda were going to be doing in Paris, while he drove her to the airport?
    * Visiting a lot of museums

    What did one of St. Clair's men do, after Bryan forced a man to bid on Kimmy?
    * Choked him from behind with a strap

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