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    The Christmas Gift

    What did Chase do while at the senior living home as Megan said that he had become friends with an elderly man?
    * Pushed him in a wheelchair

    What did Megan and Wesley Jr. do while at Wesley Sr.'s Christmas Eve lunch event, after Megan gave a speech?
    * Danced with each other and kissed

    What did Nia do after surprising Megan at her home while Megan was hard at work on the second article?
    x Opened a video game case
    Played a rock and roll song
    Opened a bottle of wine
    x Suggested a movie marathon

    What did Wesley Jr. do while he met with Megan over dinner to allow her to interview him for her initial article?
    * Slid a slice of pizza onto her plate

    What did Wesley Jr. say that Chase's father did, after he told Megan that Chase had proven difficult to place into a foster home?
    Suffered from colon cancer
    Died while serving in the military
    x Served a life sentence in prison
    x Abused drugs and alcohol

    What did Wesley Sr. do after Wesley Jr. visited him in his office and they discussed Megan's articles?
    * Gave him a check

    What did Wesley Sr. say that he did after being confronted by Alex at a bar in a restaurant?
    * Made an arrangement to develop a property outside of town

    What was Megan doing while at Wesley Sr.'s Christmas Eve lunch event?
    * Snapping photos with a camera

    What was Wesley Jr. doing when Megan arrived to meet him at the the children's center?
    Reeling in a fake fish with a rod
    x Tapping on a pair of bongo drums
    Tasting jars of peanut butter
    x Practicing a magic trick with cards

    What were Chase, Shelly, and the other foster children doing while Wesley Jr. supervised, before Megan joined them while wearing a festive hat?
    Bowling at a bowling alley
    Shaping sand castles
    x Watching a puppet show
    x Petting animals at a zoo

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