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    Meet the Parents

    How did Greg know the airline brought the wrong suitcase?
    * Key didn't work

    How did Jack know what Debbie's ring looked like?
    * Referred fiancee to diamond expert

    How did Kevin and Bob know each other?
    * Met at lacrosse camp

    How did Pam prove Greg took the MCAT?
    * Had his parents fax score

    What did Greg accidentally do during his first dinner with Jack and Dina that ruined the meal for everyone?
    * Broke urn holding grandmother's ashes

    What did Greg do that ruined his only clean clothes at the airport?
    * Got thrown up on by a baby while in line

    What did Greg do to Deborah while playing water polo?
    * Spiked the ball into her face

    What did Jack accuse Greg of doing to make a cat he found at the shelter look like Jinx?
    * Spray-painting the tip of its tail black

    What did Jack do after he found Greg poking around his secret workshop?
    * Hooked him up to a polygraph machine

    What did Jack do after the wedding successfully took place?
    * Watched videotape of Greg in his room

    What did Jack do while Greg was in the store that made him seem suspicious?
    * Met with man in parking lot

    What did Jack say he had to do just before Pam insisted he take Greg along with him?
    * Buy some more mixer for drinks

    What did Kevin tell Greg he had done to the altar he was going to give to Debrorah and Robert as a wedding present?
    * Carved it out of a single piece of wood

    What DIDN'T Greg find in Jack's "secret" office?
    * Night-vision binoculars

    What did Pam say Jack felt about smokers?
    * Showed sign of weakness

    What did Pam say Kevin was responsible for?
    * Introducing Bob to Debbie

    What did security guards do to Greg in the airport?
    * Carried him off the plane for acting aberrant

    What resulted from the toilet that was left running in Greg's room because it had been flushed?
    * Caused the septic tank to overflow and flood the backyard

    What was Greg doing in Denny's room when he found him there?
    * Taking underwear from his dresser

    What was Greg doing with a patient at the hospital just before surprising Pam at work?
    * Practicing what to say when he proposed

    Why did Greg become the second usher at Debbie's wedding?
    * Original usher had back injury

    Why did Greg buy Jack a Jerusalem tulip?
    * Thought he collected rare flowers

    Why did Greg say he took the MCAT?
    * Wanted to keep options open

    Why did Jack welcome Greg back to the "circle of trust"?
    * Thought he had found Jinx

    Why did Pam say her relationship with Kevin didn't work out?
    * Wasn't in love with him

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