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    Parts 1 and 2

    What did a young Henry do after he was hanging out with Paul Cicero and his associates at a backyard barbeque?
    * Smashed car rear windows then set the whole lot ablaze

    What did a young Henry notice gangsters were able to do without any hassle?
    * Double-park in front of fire hydrant

    What did Henry and Karen do after his meeting with Jimmy at the diner?
    * Spoke with a federal agent about a witness relocation program

    What did Henry claim being a gangster was better than?
    * Serving as president

    What did Henry do after picking up a sobbing Karen who told him her next-door neighbor sexually harassed her?
    * Head-butted him with his gun in the driveway

    What did Henry do that Karen said turned her on?
    * Placed gun in her hand

    What did Henry do to Janice Rossi after cleaning out the trunk of his car with a hose?
    * Set her up in her own apartment so he could spend some nights over

    What did Henry do when Karen went to visit him in prison after his illegal narcotic bust?
    * Explained he would get killed if suspected of becoming a rat

    What did Henry's father do as a young Henry was making himself a sandwich after a day of running numbers?
    * Hit him with a belt because he hadn't been in school for months

    What did Jimmy do as he made a phone call outside the diner to inquire about Tommy becoming a made man?
    * Learned the ceremony was a set up and he had been killed

    What did Jimmy do to a young Henry as he exited a courtroom after seeing a judge?
    * Gave him money for not ratting out associates after getting pinched

    What did Jimmy do to Morrie Kessler as Henry pleaded with him to pay back the money he borrowed for a men's hairpiece commercial?
    * Wrapped the phone cord around his neck while threatening him

    What did Jimmy do when he met with Henry at the diner to get a sense if Henry was going to rat on him?
    * Passed him a matchbook with information to do a hit out of town

    What did Jimmy do when Henry dropped off some handguns the day Henry was trying to set up a major drug smuggling operation that evening?
    * Refused to give him money complaining the silencer didn't fit

    What did Jimmy do when he ran into Henry at a club after Henry met with Paul Cicero earlier?
    * Told him plot where they buried a body was sold to condominium developers

    What did Jimmy do when Johnny showed up at a get-together with his new bride after they committed a heist?
    * Admonished him for buying a lavish vehicle while still under investigation

    What did Jimmy do with Karen after she stopped by without her husband's knowledge to give him some documents?
    Indulged her greediness by showing off a new sports car he just got
    x Fed her false information to see who she would eventually leak it to
    Instructed her to go pick out designer dresses at a nearby shop
    x Gave her a wad of cash promising to always take care of her family

    What did Jimmy say was one of life's most valuable lessons after Henry was acquitted?
    * Never rat on your friends

    What did Karen do after Henry left to drive Lois back home for her hat and they were busted in the car by the police?
    * Ran into the bathroom to flush drugs down the toilet

    What did Karen do to Henry after she found out he was keeping a mistress?
    * Pulled a revolver on him while he was sleeping

    What did Karen do when detectives paid her a visit the morning after Henry and Tommy carjacked a truck full of goods?
    * Signed a warrant allowing them to search her home

    What did Karen do when Henry stood her up for their second double date?
    * Tracked him down and called him out on his boorish behavior

    What did Karen observe about the mobsters' wives?
    * Looked beat-up

    What did Paul Cicero do after Henry got out of prison and went to his house for a celebratory meal?
    * Warned him in the backyard not to get involved in drug trafficking

    What did Paul Cicero do while he was in prison serving a sentence with Henry?
    * Sliced garlic with a razor blade to use in a pasta dinner

    What did Sonny Bunz do during a meeting with Paul Cicero at Henry's request?
    * Offered him a part of his restaurant business for protection

    What did Tommy complain about as the Bamboo Lounge burned down?
    * Woman refusing to go out with him

    What did Tommy do to Billy Batts at a social club in Queens, New York, which he was visiting with Henry?
    * Pummeled him to death after being referred to as a shoeshine boy

    What did Tommy do when he paid Stacks Edwards a visit after Henry spent Christmas with his family?
    * Shot him for not getting rid of a truck before the police found it

    What did Tommy do when he stopped by his mother's house looking for a shovel with Henry and Jimmy?
    * Lied about hitting a deer on the road then stayed to eat

    What did Tommy do while he was telling jokes to his friends at a restaurant when Sonny Bunz inquired about an outstanding bill?
    * Accosted him and hit him on the head with a liquor bottle

    What happened to Frankie Carbone after Jimmy told Henry he was going to disassociate himself from those involved in the airline heist?
    * Was discovered by police frozen inside a meat truck

    What happened to Karen to make her upset with Henry when she went to visit him in prison with their daughters?
    * Noticed his mistress's name on the registry

    What introduction did a comedian receive at the show Henry took Karen to?
    * "The king of one-liners"

    What lie did Tommy tell his mother to explain the blood on his clothing?
    * Hit a deer, moved it from road

    What was a woman seen doing in the prison visitors' room?
    * Changing baby's diaper

    What was Jimmy known to hand out $100 for?
    * Bartenders keeping ice cold

    What was Morrie seen doing in one of his commercials?
    * Jumping into pool

    What was one of Paul's cooking tricks while in prison?
    * Sliced garlic with razor
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