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    Gotham : Mad City: Red Queen

    Synopsis: When Jim Gordon makes contact with a substance in the hand of Mad Hatter, he's led on a psychedelic trip in which he must face his past, present and future; Penguin has a difficult time with Nygma's new relationship.

    What was Barbara doing at the beginning of a hallucination that Jim had while under the influence of a drug?
    Operating an elevator in a bellhop uniform

    What did Bruce tell Selina that he did himself, as he confronted her about standing him up for their date?
    Prepared an entire meal to eat

    What was Edward doing as Oswald asked if he was sure his love for Isabella wasn't an infatuation because she resembled Kristen?
    Helping him pick out a tie to wear

    What did Edward do before he told Oswald that he was in love with Isabella?
    Invited her out to dinner

    What was Isabella doing when Oswald visited her at work, before he told her that Edward was once a patient in Arkham?
    Filing reference cards in library

    What did Jervis do after he told Jim that he was going to dismantle Gotham from the top down?
    Blew a powder into his face

    What did Jim do in his hallucination when he encountered his father?
    Handed him a key to a car

    What did Jim do before he recalled his family's motto and decided to rejoin the Gotham City Police Department?
    Pulled a ring out of a box

    What did Lucius do as he explained the results of tests on Alice's blood to Capt. Barnes?
    Handed him photographs of lab rats

    What did Valerie ask Jim if he had done, while he visited her in the hospital, which she joked he had a lot of nerve for not doing?
    Brought any whisky to drink

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