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    Tremors 3: Back to Perfection

    Synopsis: Mutated graboids return to feast on the residents of Perfection, threatening its new status as a tourist attraction.

    What was Burt doing before his seismograph activated for the second time?
    Shooting a rifle at a target

    What did Burt do in Jodi's store, before she asked if he wanted his mail?
    Examined comic books on a rack

    What did Burt do before he asked to requisition the entire stock of an item in Jodi's store?
    Operated a remote-controlled car

    What did Burt do before he told Nancy and Mindy that Miguel was dead?
    Tucked away a brown rosary

    What did Burt do after Miguel said he saw an invention on a repeat of "MacGuyver"?
    Hooked a radio with a fishing pole

    What did Jack say he would be doing, before he told Jodi he liked the area?
    Managing a car wash

    What did Jack do before he repeatedly told Burt to "hang on," just outside of Burt's compound?
    Revved up a chainsaw

    What did Jack do as he and Jodi were waiting on a rock for El Blanco to move, after she complained she had to do "all the dwelling"?
    Admired the shapes of clouds

    What did Jodi do as Jack used Burt's ultrasonic watch as bait for El Blanco?
    Clipped the springs of a mattress

    What did Jodi and Jack do after Burt said he would take care of his surplus of MREs?
    Slid down an escape tunnel

    What did Jodi do before she crawled out of the window of a small building, as she was pursued by a flying graboid?
    Spilled a container of gasoline

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