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    Synopsis: A reclusive man commands an army of rats and uses them to enact a gruesome revenge on those who wronged him. Based on a book by Stephen Gilbert.

    What did Mr. Martin do as Willard arrived at the manufacturing building late, before shouting at him about wearing his late father's suit?
    Locked him in the elevator

    What did Mr. Martin tell Willard that he did, after Willard found a temp at his desk and was told by Ms. Leach to go see Mr. Martin?
    Fell behind on purchase orders

    What did Mr. Martin do to kill Socrates after Ms. Leach found him in the storage room?
    Jabbed at him with a pole

    What did the rats do to harass Scully, Cathryn's cat, after Willard let her into the house?
    Knocked over a cabinet

    What did Willard do before meeting a new white rat and telling it that they had to wait?
    Sat on a bed in an asylum

    What did Willard do after exterminating the rats in his basement with poisonous smoke?
    Burned them in a barrel

    What did Willard do after checking the basement for rats, before attending to his mother in her room?
    Adjusted the arm of a clock

    What did Willard do while he wept in his house alone after his mother's funereal, before Socrates stopped him?
    Held a pocketknife to his wrist

    What did Willard tell Ben that he wasn't allowed to do, before he found his mother collapsed in a heap?
    Climb up the stairs

    What did Willard have Socrates, Ben, and the rest of the rats do after bringing them to Mr. Martin's house at night?
    Destroy the tires on his new car

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what were you advised to do while transforming your house into a horror place for a Halloween party, before a candy was noted?
    Fill one of your rooms with creepy dolls and hang a macabre backdrop for a photo booth for people to take pictures with props
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