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    House at the End of the Street

    Synopsis: A divorcee and her daughter learn that they have moved next door to a house in which a girl killed her parents, then disappeared, leaving a brother as the only survivor.

    What did Carrie Anne do as a child in a flashback, which Ryan said left her with brain damage?
    Fell backwards off of a moving swing

    What did Elissa do before Dan arrived at her and Sarah's new house to let them in?
    Strummed chords on a guitar

    What did Elissa and Ryan do before they kissed for the first time?
    Looked at a tree trunk

    What did Elissa do before emptying out a trash bag, after Ryan pulled Carrie Anne away from her in Carrie Anne's room?
    Found a contact lens on her arm

    What did Ofc. Weaver do before he determined that Elissa was inside of Ryan's house?
    Called her cell phone number

    What did Ryan say he was planning to do, while he had dinner with Elissa and Sarah?
    Enroll in school to be a psychiatrist

    What did Ryan's mother before slapping him in his face, during a flashback to his childhood?
    Placed a birthday cake in front of him

    What did Ryan do to calm Carrie Anne down, after entering her room with a tray of food?
    Gave her an injection

    What did Tyler do after Elissa met him at a neighborhood cookout?
    Flipped forward into a pool

    What did Tyler do that led to him and Ryan getting into a fight?
    Broke his car window with a bat

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what happened in magical scenes set in the past, from an upcoming film based on the works of author J.K. Rowling, as Grae Drake interviewed people at an amusement park?
    Unusual and powerful creatures carried in a suitcase were accidentally released and caused havoc in New York City
    "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"
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