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    Gotham : Mad City: New Day Rising

    Synopsis: Penguin gets closer to his goal of being nominated for mayor; Gordon turns Alice in for the bounty; Bruce and Alfred search for the person who has stolen Bruce's identity.

    What did Capt. Barnes to to prevent Jim from killing himself after Jervis left the police station with Alice?
    Hit him in his head with a cane

    What did Edward say that Oswald was able to do, which he wouldn't have if he had bought the election instead of winning it cleanly?
    Feel what it was like to be loved

    What did Five do after he told Bruce to say goodbye to Selina for him and thank her for the kiss?
    Stepped off the edge of a rooftop

    What did Harvey threaten to do while interrogating one of the Tweed brothers to get him to tell where Jervis was taking alice?
    Burn a mask with a lighter

    What did Jervis do after he told a man that if all went well, he would be reunited with Alice?
    Smashed his head with a mallet on a high striker

    What did Jim do before he heard Jervis speaking to him in his mind, in downtown Gotham?
    Pressed the button at a crosswalk

    What did one of the Tweed brothers do after Jervis told Jim and Harvey to let him escape with Alice?
    Moved the dial on a metronome

    What did Selina do as Five told her that he was unable to feel pain?
    Sutured a wound on his abdomen

    What was Squirrel about to do while Selina was tied up, before Five saved her?
    Sever her finger with a wire cutter

    What were the Tweed brothers doing before Jervis arrived to recruit them to his service?
    Wrestling inside a ring

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