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    Big Brother 09/14/2016

    Synopsis: House guests vie for the power of veto.

    What did Corey do while next to Nicole on the block, before James voted to evict?
    Leaned over to kiss her

    What did Da'Vonne yell at Paulie not to do when security was forced to intervene, before Zakiyah told Bridgette to leave her alone?
    Bring up her daughter

    What did the narrator explain that the houseguests would do while competing in the final Power of Veto competition?
    Run around baseball bases

    What did Natalie do when she entered the Jury House, before Michelle said she was going to cry?
    Carried a potted plant

    What did Nicole say she almost made it all season without doing, before Paul noted that she was angry?
    Being put on the block

    What did Paul note that he was making sure to do while competing in the final Power of Veto competition?
    Step on buttons carefully

    What did Paul and James agree that they had to do to potentially win the game, before Paul talked about making it up to Victor?
    Work in an alliance together

    What did Paul do, after Julie Chen said she would eavesdrop on the Final Three?
    Popped a champagne cork

    What was Paulie doing, before Victor walked into the Jury House and Da'Vonne said she would cry?
    Cooking food on a patio grill

    What did Victor say Paul had done before saying he definitely wanted Paul to win?
    Remained loyal to him

    In a promotional advertisement during this program, for a show called "Bull," what happened after scenes from another show played?
    Doctor working as a jury profiler agreed to help a man's son who was accused of murder

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