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    America's Got Talent : Part 1 and Part 2 8/30

    Synopsis: The semifinalists perform for the judges at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

    ::::: Part 1 :::::

    What did Blake do during his magic act after he disappeared from the stage and appeared up in the balcony?
    * Took off the mask he was wearing

    What search engine were viewers encouraged to use to search "AGT" to vote, after Blake took off the mask he was wearing?
    * Google

    What were the members of Musicality doing on stage during their musical performance?
    * Singing into microphones

    What did Sal do, in footage, after he and Tommy ate healthy food in an outdoor café?
    * Tried on suits in a store

    What did Mel B say she liked seeing Sal do during his musical performances, before she said that he was "holding back"
    * Hitting big notes with big vibrato

    What service was credited with providing access to the "America's Got Talent" App, before Mel B said she liked seeing Sal when he was hitting big notes with big vibrato?
    * Apple App Store

    What did Lori do, in footage, after she said that she wanted to train like an Olympian for her upcoming performance?
    * Began running on a track

    What did Ryan say, in footage, that he did that almost resulted in his death when he was a teenager?
    * Overdose on drugs and alcohol

    What did Heidi Klum tell the members of Musicality that she did despite them not being as technically sound as the other musical performers?
    * Felt a connection with them

    What was Nick Cannon doing while Howie Mandel suggested that Lori would on improving her comedic material?
    * Holding her in a side hug

    What was Ryan doing on stage during Edgar's musical performance?
    * Strumming an acoustic guitar

    What did Blake do during his magic act after he noted that Simon Cowell had selected the ten of clubs playing card?
    * Tore off the corner of it

    ::::: Part 2 :::::

    What did Heidi Klum and Mel B do following Deadly Games's performance on stage?
    * Gave them a standing ovation

    What did Simon Cowell do when giving Laura Bretan feedback for her performance on stage?
    * Praised her sense of "sincerity"

    What restaurant's logo was on the judges' table, as Simon Cowell praised Laura Bretan's sense of "sincerity"?
    * Dunkin' Donuts

    What did Deadly Games do during their performance on stage, while they interacted amongst a dark fantasy setting?
    * Utilized knives and a crossbow

    What did Jon Dorenbos do at the beginning of his performance, after he approached Howie Mandel?
    * Entrusted him with a journal

    What did Nick Cannon do after Howie Mandel gave Jon Dorenbos feedback following his performance?
    * Claimed he was "mischievous"

    What did Mel B do after Simon Cowell negatively compared her to Tape Face, following Tape Face's performance on stage?
    * Walked up and hit him

    What did Grace VanderWaal do during her performance on stage, while the audience clapped along?
    * Strummed on a ukulele

    What did Tape Face do during his performance on stage, after he enlisted the help of a volunteer from the audience?
    * Pulled balloons out of a bag

    What did Mel B do when giving Grace VanderWaal feedback following her performance?
    * Professed to loving her

    What did Heidi Klum claim that Malevo did, when giving them feedback following their performance?
    * Brought their "game" up
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