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    Big Brother 08/25/2016

    Synopsis: A house guest is evicted; the head of household competition.

    What did Bridgette and Da'Vonne do after they noticed Paulie walking into the Jury House?
    Clapped their hands and cheered

    What did Da'Vonne do, before revealing to the other Jurors that they would have an opportunity to return to the "Big Brother" house?
    Found a gift basket at the front door

    What happened while the houseguests competed in the "Welcome to Loch Ness" Head of Household competition?
    Water sprayed on them

    What were the houseguests doing while competing in the "Welcome to Loch Mess" Head of Household competition?
    Standing on wooden platforms

    What did Paul tell Victor that he needed to do to gain the trust of Natalie, James, and Michelle?
    Go and be nice to them
    Froot Loops

    What did Victor note that he needed to do, before he told Paul that Natalie, James, Corey, and Nicole stopped their conversation?
    Put his clothes in a dryer
    NOT--Wheat Thins Crackers

    What did Victor say he did before eliminating Paulie, before he told Julie Chen that he "stuck" to his "guns"?
    Felt betrayed by him

    What did Victor suggest that Paul was doing, which Natalie confirmed he was doing, while they talked in the HOH room?
    Playing both sides of the house

    What did Zakiyah say she and Paulie were doing, which she was fine with, while in the Jury House?
    Staying out of each other's way

    What did Zakiyah do after Paulie said he was done "holding anything from the game" in the Jury House?
    Called him a vulgar name

    In a promotional advertisement during this program, for a show called "Kevin Can Wait," what did a man do?
    Explained that he didn't make certain decisions, after another version of himself asked to be his wacky neighbor

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