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    Paranormal Witness : The Contract

    Synopsis: The eldest son of a loving Christian family enters into a deadly contract with the Devil.

    What did an actor, as "Eric," do during a reenactment, before signing the bottom of a contract?
    Pricked his finger with a knife

    What did Ashley say that she did that let her know someone was in her room, after saying she was too scared to move out of her bed?
    Felt a rush of cold

    What did Ashley say noticed had happened to Eric when she turned around that made Kim realize that Eric was not her son?
    Color of his eyes changed to blue

    What did Eric say that he did before a tall man reached out and grabbed him by his shoulder while he was on his way home from school?
    Spotted a black car

    What did Eric say that voices started telling him to do one Sunday while he was sitting by a little girl in church?
    Stab her in the neck with a pencil

    What did Eric say that he was doing in a church when he starting hearing a ringing and voices in his ear warning him?
    Getting baptized in water

    What did Eric say that Marnie did one day that made him feel as though he won "life's lottery"?
    Passed a note back to him

    What did Eric say that he was "obsessed" with doing when he was sixteen years old, after noting that he was a "typical" teenager?
    Playing video games on a computer

    What did an Kim say that she was doing while redecorating Eric's old room when she heard a whisper?
    Applying a new coat of paint to it

    What did Kim say that something attempted to do after grabbing onto her, before Bill found that there was nothing there?
    Drag her under a bed

    In a commercial during this show, what happened in exciting, action-packed scenes from a TV series available for home viewing?
    Team of heroes with various powers united against a villain who fired blasts of energy
    "DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season One"

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