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    Zoo : Zero Sum

    Synopsis: Jackson learns his mother is missing in Africa; a hostile force takes over the team's plane; Jamie discovers a shocking secret about Abraham.

    What did Gen. Davies do after Abraham injected him with snake venom to torture him?
    Writhed from nerve pain

    What happened on the plane while Jackson was speaking to Allison via video chat about his mother going missing in Africa?
    Lights went off in unison

    What did Jackson do before he repeatedly assured Abraham that he was alright?
    Coughed up blood into a napkin

    What did Jamie do before Logan said he tried to "give her an out" twice and that people needed to look out for themselves?
    Punched him across his face

    What did Jamie do after Gen. Davies remained unconscious despite receiving the antivenom?
    Checked his neck for a pulse

    What did Mitch do after he finished performing surgery on the lizard and saved it?
    Wrapped it in a blanket and put it in a freezer

    What did Mitch instruct Jamie to do while he was performing surgery on a lizard?
    Drain its bladder with a syringe

    What did Mitch do after he and Jamie pointed out how messy the plane was?
    Poured her a drink

    What did Mitch do before a sloth began screaming and caused the plane to swerve?
    Shined a laster pointer at it

    What was a nurse doing to treat Didi in a med tent, before Jackson asked Didi if she knew where Elizabeth?
    Dabbing blood off her forehead

    In a promotional advertisement during this program, for a show called "Kevin Can Wait," what did a man do while interacting with another version of himself backstage?
    Admitted that he had a wife on the set that was "so hot" that it was hard to believe

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