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    Big Brother 08/07/2016

    Synopsis: House guests vie for the power of veto.

    What were the houseguests doing while playing the "Harsh Hashtags" HOH competition?
    Clutching onto suspended ropes

    What did "internet trolls" do after Michelle was elminated while playing the "Harsh Hashtags" HOH competition?
    Swung red paddles

    What was Michelle doing when Nicole approached her to talk to her about keeping her "out of the loop" about Da'Vonne?
    Lying under a blanket on a bed

    What did Michelle tell James to stop doing, before he pointed out that she was being mean?
    Wearing a jacket of hers

    What did Natalie point out that Victor promised to do, while they competed in the "Harsh Hashtags" HOH competition?
    Keep her safe for the week

    What did Paulie tell Zakiyah that Da'Vonne had been doing before he admitted that he was struggling in the HOH competition?
    Playing too many games

    What did Paulie say he planned on using James's power to do after saying he had a "little something" up his sleeve?
    Eliminate two votes by houseguests

    What did Victor do before he proposed an alliance between Paul and Paulie called The Board?
    Drank from a beer bottle

    What did Victor do, after winning the "Harsh Hashtags" HOH competition, after Michelle said it was "very frightening"?
    Complained about the pain in his hands

    What did Victor do after nominating Zakiyah and Michelle for eviction in the Nomination Ceremony?
    Tossed beaded necklaces toward them

    In a promotional advertisement during this program, for a show called "Kevin Can Wait," what did a man do?
    Explained that he didn't make certain decisions, after another version of himself asked to be his wacky neighbor

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