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    Intervention: Then & Now : Pam

    Synopsis: A family wants to save a 49-year-old alcoholic.

    What did Candy Finnigan tell Marvin he needed to do if he really loved Pam during the pre-intervention?
    Stop keeping alcohol in their house

    What did Maria tell Pam she would not be able to do after she said she loved her and was worried about her?
    Survive after losing two daughters

    What did Pam do when she went over to her sister Adela's house?
    Cried and talked about their abusive past

    What did Pam say she likes to do when Marvin left for days at a time for his job?
    Spend time with her sister at her house

    What did Pam do in order to appear sober while she was waiting for Marvin to arrive home from work?
    Splashed water on her face

    What was Pam shown doing when she was talking about her recovery and how she had been sober for sixty days?
    Wading ankle deep in the ocean

    What did Pam have to do as a child, before April said Pam did not have a childhood?
    Take care of her brothers and sisters

    What did Pam do when she realized she had walked into her own intervention?
    Broke down crying and hugged her son

    What did Pam tell Marvin she was going to do, after she began having a panic attack?
    Drive to the store for pack of cigarettes

    What did Shantel say she refused to do when she knew Pam was drunk?
    Answer any of her phone calls

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