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    Paranormal Witness : Voodoo Preacher

    Synopsis: Author Harper Lee once traveled to Alabama to research an enigmatic preacher accused of murder, and writer Jenny Scott follows in her footsteps.

    What did an actor, as "Hunter," do during a reenactment, after he ran into an actor, as "Grayson's" bedroom when he heard her screaming?
    Found scratches on her neck

    What did an actor, as "Jenny," do during a reenactment, after she heard a creaking noise above her?
    Picked up a knitting needle

    What did Hunter say it looked like someone had done in the house he and Jenny purchased, as he described it when they first visited it?
    Thrown blue paint on the walls

    What did Hunter say he did after he woke up Jenny because he thought she had called his name?
    Noticed something out of the corner of his eye

    What did Jenny say that did in 2012 in Auburn, Alabama, before she moved with her family to be closer to Hunter's work?
    Wrote for a newspaper

    What did Jenny say she did in her house do make herself feel comfortable and secure?
    Played classical music

    What did Jenny say Betty-Lou refused to do in the house when it was time for Jenny to go to bed?
    Climb up a set of stairs

    What did Jenny say say that she was doing in her kitchen when she suddenly got the feeling of someone standing behind her and looking at her?
    Washing dishes in the sink

    What did Jenny say that the uncle of a relative did at the relative's funeral to kill Rev. Maxwell?
    Shot him with a gun

    What did Kim say that she noticed in the upstairs room of Jenny and Hunter's house when she went to visit it?
    Shadowy figure looking out a window

    In a "Syfy Special Look" segment during this show, who were people with strange and unusual powers, including Will Smith, as they faced an enemy played by Jared Leto, in scenes from an upcoming movie?
    Imprisoned super-villains whose captors required them to complete dangerous missions
    "Suicide Squad"

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