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    Synopsis: Adult siblings make plans to destroy an antique mirror and the malevolent force within it that caused the deaths of their parents. Based on the short film ``Oculus: The Man With the Plan.''

    What did Alan do to kill Marie, after Marie attacked Kaylie, in a flashback?
    Shot her with a handgun

    What did Kaylie point out that Tim did, before she said the mirror had disarmed him?
    Put a stool down on the floor

    What did Kaylie envision she had done, before she snapped back into reality and told Tim that they should stay together?
    Bitten into a light bulb

    What did Kaylie do before she told Tim that the dog she brought into the house didn't have a name?
    Released it from a cage

    What did Kaylie do after she looked at the mirror in a warehouse and said that it must be "hungry"?
    Traced over a crack on it

    What did Kaylie dream that Alan did when he sneaked up on her, before she woke up and screamed?
    Grabbed her by her throat

    What did Kaylie do before she realized that she had accidentally killed Michael?
    Drove a shard of a broken plate into his neck

    What did Marie do as she told Tim and Kaylie that she didn't know where Alan was but knew where he said he was, in a flashback?
    Poured herself a glass of wine

    What were police officers doing as Tim was crying and yelling that it was the mirror's fault that Kaylie was dead?
    Taking him to a cruiser

    What did Tim do when he went outside the house, after Kaylie said that the mirror's radius of influence was thirty feet?
    Tried to place a cell phone call

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what were you encouraged to watch during "John Carter," after an upcoming movie was noted?
    Special look at scenes from the movie
    "War Dogs"

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