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    Wayward Pines : Enemy Lines

    Synopsis: As the residents of Wayward Pines struggle against the rule of the First Generation, a new resident emerges from suspended animation to help preserve the endangered human race.

    What did Jason call for members of the rebellion to do as he gave a speech in front of a crowd of Wayward Pines citizens?
    Come forward and put down their weapons

    What did Kate do after she told Megan she didn't want any part of her world or her future?
    Slit her own throat with a scalpel

    What did an officer do at in front of a crowd on Wayward Pines citizens after Jason placed his hand on Ruby's shoulder?
    Shot her in her head

    What did Theo do in a flashback that led him to encounter Sheriff Pope, before Sheriff Pope said it looked like "something tropical" was coming?
    Walked up to a bar counter

    What did Theo observe two officers doing while addressing Ruby, as Theo and Mario walked down the sidewalk to a hotel?
    Leading her out to a car

    What did Theo discover he was unable to do in a hotel room, before Xander arrived and said he was there to help him?
    Open up a locked window

    What did Theo discover doctors at the hospital doing to treat Arlene, after he purchased a carbonated beverage?
    Administering shock therapy to her

    What did Theo do before Mario shined a flashlight on him and told him to get on his feet?
    Found scattered bullet casings

    What did Theo do after Kerry informed him there were doctor's quarters for him to stay in?
    Opened a bag of his belongings

    What did Theo do to escape from Kerry, after Xander watched them with binoculars?
    Jumped out of a moving car

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