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    Jaws 2

    Synopsis: Amity's citizens and police chief dread another tourist season with a huge white shark near the beach.

    What happened as the wreckage of the teenagers' boats drifted toward Cable Junction?
    NOT--Hulls bumped together and cracked
    Rudders scraped against the bottom
    Sails started to cause too much drag
    NOT--Lines stretched and began breaking

    What happened after Tina cut the ribbon at the Amity Scholarship Fund Benefit?
    Balloons fell into the pool

    What were divers doing before a shark attacked one of them, after Mike and his friends set sail?
    Looking around for lobster

    What did Eddie start to do before a shark tipped the boat he was in with Tina, knocking him into the water?
    Lie down a blanket

    What did Ellen find Martin doing while Len and Mayor Vaughn were showing people around the beach?
    Looking out from a watchtower

    What did Martin do to finally defeat the shark?
    Loured it to bite into an electrical cable

    What did Martin do before he went to the town council with evidence that a shark was responsible for earlier incidents?
    Watched a photograph develop

    What did Mike do after Sean caught him sneaking out of the house in the morning?
    Allowed him to come along

    What did a shark do after a helicopter started to take off while tied to the wreckage of the teenagers' boats?
    Grabbed and dragged it down

    What did a shark do after Doug pulled Mike into the boat while he was unconscious?
    Scraped against the side of it

    What did a speedboat driver do before her boat exploded as a shark attacked it?
    Shot a flare into some fuel

    What did Tina and Eddie do while they ran on the beach near the lighthouse?
    Discovered a dead killer whale

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