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    Synopsis: After a shift in violent animal behavior, the team tries to rescue Jamie and secure the leopard that may hold the key to curing the animal crisis; a shocking mutation threatens a team member's life.

    :: PART 1 ::

    What did Abraham do to scare away a herd of charging animals, after Jackson assured Chloe that they would rendezvous at Amelia's office?
    Sparked a trail of gasoline to create a wall of fire

    What did Abraham do before Mitch slammed his fists and told Abraham that he hated him?
    Forced him onto a helicopter

    What did an Army Ranger do to kill an animal with a phase two mutation, after she fought against it in a cabin?
    Stabbed it with a fireplace poker

    What did an Army Ranger say that he and his team were doing, before Dr. Vickers threatened to call Washington D.C.?
    Switching to live ammunition

    What did Chloe do while she was attempting to fend off a swarm of hornets, after he heard a woman screaming?
    Rescued an infant from a vehicle

    What did Mitch do while he attempted to reverse the symptoms of a barking dog?
    Injected a syringe into its mouth

    What did Mitch do while he was driving in an SUV, after Jackson instructed him to put his feud with Abraham behind him?
    Turned a dial to play a song on a radio

    What did Mitch do while he participated in a video conference with Clementine, after he assured her that he was going to bring an end to a pandemic?
    Displayed laboratory equipment to her

    What did Mitch do after he came to the realization that his cure for animals was ineffective?
    Flipped over a table

    What did a nurse do before she assured Jackson that he would not develop a mutation from an animal bite?
    Drew blood out of his arm

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    ::Part 2::

    What did Jackson and Chloe notice about Dr. Kovacs while he was strapped to a table, before Mitch asked what they were talking about?
    Scarring appeared on his chest

    What did Jackson do when he sneaked up on the elephant that Tomás led him to?
    Drew a sample of its blood

    What did Jamie do after she pulled a dead police officer out of his police car and got into it?
    Tried to start the ignition

    What was Jamie doing before she noticed the swarm of bugs that had crawled up onto and knocked over her water bottle in the woods?
    Looking at a paper map

    What did Jamie do before she heard animals barking and howling in the distance?
    Stepped on a nail and bled

    What did Lt. Marzan do after she noticed that Dr. Kovacs was still being kept in a cage on the plane and said that it wasn't him anymore?
    Shot his head with a handgun

    What did Lt. Marzan do after Abraham picked up a feather in the woods, which he said didn't make any sense?
    Noticed it had ice on it

    What did Logan thank Jamie for doing, after he jokingly confirmed he was hanging out in the woods waiting for someone to scare?
    Providing him with a coat

    What did Mitch say that Abraham wanted to metaphorically do, after he said he wasn't surprised that Abraham wanted to stay on the plane?
    Take a bubble bath

    What did Mitch do after he and Chloe came across an unconscious Greg on the plane?
    Touched his neck and felt his pulse

    In a promotional advertisement during this program, for a show called "Bull," what happened?
    Doctor was recognized by a variety of people who addressed him by name, including a police officer

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