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    Damien : Seven Curses

    Synopsis: Damien's surprising connection with a war veteran leads him to a very dark place.

    What did Amani do before Veronica told him to take her to his apartment?
    Ignored a cell phone call

    What did Damien do after he duct taped the garage door shut and sat inside his running car?
    Injected himself with a syringe

    What did Damien do before he saw the ghost of a little girl in the VA hospital?
    Stepped into an elevator

    What did Damien do to save Tiago's life, before Claudia thanked him, in footage from a previous episode?
    Lifted him off of subway tracks

    What did Damien notice in the VA hospital before he rang a bell on the counter?
    Cockroach crawling on a coffee mug

    What did Damien witness a doctor do while operating on a woman in the VA hospital, before Damien ran away and came across a support group?
    Remove a piece of her skull

    What was Simone doing in Damien's apartment while listening to two masked intruders trashing it?
    Crouching under a staircase

    What did Simone do after Amani walked out of her apartment?
    Took keys out of his coat's pocket

    What did Sister Greta do inside a room in Vatican City, before a Cardinal walked in and greeted her?
    Pulled a dagger off a tabletop

    What were two men in a hallway in the VA hospital doing when Damien asked if they had seen a man in a wheelchair come by?
    Playing a game of dominoes

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