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    NCIS: Los Angeles : Unspoken

    Season 7: Episode 6
    Synopsis: Sam's former partner, Ruiz (Anthony Ruivivar), goes missing while purchasing a dangerous explosive during an undercover operation.

    What did Amir do after Sam was introduced to him as "Gideon" from Tanzania?
    Claimed to have never heard of him

    What was Deeks doing before Kensi said he was very bad with personal boundaries and Sam burst into laughter?
    Drinking a smoothie through a straw

    What did Diego do to kill Amir, after Sam revealed that Amir wanted to kill innocent Filipinos?
    Shot him with a handgun

    What did Mark and Sam do after Mark suggested they turn off their communicators so they could speak in private?
    Entered a storage unit

    What did Mark explain to Sam that a motorcycle gang made him do while he was working undercover amongst them?
    Use cocaine in front of them

    What did Mark do after he said he could save Sam ten times and they still would not be even?
    Reached out to shake his hand

    What did Mark do before the warehouse behind him exploded, after Amir and his men sped off in an SUV?
    Pushed buttons on his cell phone

    What did Sam do after Alicia asked him about Kamran and Aiden?
    Showed off pictures of them

    What did Sam do before he told Mark he was going to arrest him and placed him in handcuffs?
    Threw him up against a wall

    What did Sam do to hurt G, while G had a black bag over his head, after Diego thought G was Isko and tried speaking with him?
    Landed a punch to his stomach
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