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    Batman Forever

    Synopsis: The Caped Crusader enlists the help of a young friend as Two-Face and The Riddler team up to gain control of Gotham City.

    What did Batman do in order to free a security guard and himself from Two-Face's filling acid trap?
    Borrowed his hearing aid

    What did Batman tell Chase that he didn't do, after telling her that everyone wears masks?
    Blend in at a "family picnic"

    What did Bruce do after Edward told him that he had hired him personally?
    Asked for his hand back

    What did Bruce do before Chase told him that she believed that his dreams needed "changing"?
    Picked up a black and white doll

    What did Chase do before Alfred advised trick-or-treaters to not eat too much candy?
    Knocked over a flower vase

    What was Chase doing in her office before Bruce broke down the door?
    Hitting a punching bag

    What did Robin do after Batman emerged from a gas explosion set off by Two-Face?
    Pulled him out of rubble

    What did The Riddler do after Chase spoke through the bars of his cell in Arkham Asylum?
    Flapped around his sleeves

    What did The Riddler do before introducing himself to Two-Face?
    Twirled his cane around

    What did Two-Face do before shooting a rocket launcher at the Batmobile from the street?
    Pushed a baby carriage

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what was described as cast members of "Face Off" visited a new attraction at a theme park, before you were encouraged to watch "Face Off"?
    Island featuring a jungle with unspeakable predators, where you could come in contact with the ultimate creature
    Universal Studios

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