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    Once Upon a Time : Our Decay

    What did Belle notice about her and Zelena's surroundings before they realized they were in the Underworld?
    Sky was red in color

    What did Belle and Zelena do when they were in a nursery, after Belle said Zelena didn't want to hurt her baby?
    Jumped into a fiery portal

    What were Dorothy and Scarecrow doing before Zelena ripped out Scarecrow's brain?
    Sitting around a campfire

    What did Hades and Zelena do after they visited the place that Dorothy first landed in Oz?
    Rode around on a bicycle

    What did Hades say that Zeus did, after Hades said he knew Zelena was thinking about Regina?
    Stopped his heart from working

    What did Henry do after he came down a set of stairs and told David, Mary Margaret, and others that "it happened again"?
    Handed over pages of a story

    What were Mary Margaret and David doing while she suggested they sing a song for Neal?
    Waiting outside of a phone booth

    What did Mr. Gold do after he found Belle in a building in the Underworld and told her he made a deal with Hades years ago?
    Revealed that she was pregnant

    What did a waitress at a diner on the way to the Underworld ask David to do, after she brought coffee cups to him and Mary Margaret?
    Breathe into a glass tube

    What did Zelena do after she watched a flashback of her mother giving her away as a child?
    Blew out a candle on a cupcake

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