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    Once Upon a Time : Devil's Due

    Synopsis: When Hook refuses to choose three friends to leave in the underworld, Hades threatens to condemn him to the River of Lost Souls; Gold wants to help find Hook so he can go home to Belle.

    What did Cruella do to help Regina, after she sat across from her in the diner in Underbrooke?
    Unfolded a paper map

    What did Emma do before she pulled Hook away from the River of Lost Souls?
    Stepped along a thin beam

    What did Emma do before she discovered a barrier blocking the entrance to Hades's lair?
    Opened a basement door in a house

    What did Hades do after he took Hook to solitary confinement on a boat in the River of Lost Souls?
    Hoisted him up on a dangling chain

    What did Hades do to stop Milah before he asked Rumpelstiltskin to make a deal?
    Froze her in time as he waved his hand

    What did Hades do after he saw a vision in a crystal ball of Belle asleep, before he told Mr. Gold that he had to work for him?
    Claimed her unborn child

    What did Mr. Gold do before a vision of Belle on a dinner date appeared in a crystal ball?
    Dropped an eye in a cauldron

    What did Regina do before she touched Daniel's tombstone and said she was happy that he had moved on from Underbrooke?
    Noticed it had tipped backwards

    What did Rumpelstiltskin do before he realized he could not murder the tattooed medicine man?
    Came towards him holding a knife

    What did a tattooed medicine man do in a flashback before he told Milah and Rumpelstiltskin that medicine would cost 100 gold pieces?
    Identified a dead snake she held

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