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    Top Chef : Finale

    Synopsis: With the help of mentors and former competitors, the remaining two chefs face off for the last time, cooking for judges Emeril Lagasse, Dominique Crenn, Jonathan Beno, Hubert Keller, Charlie Palmer, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and for their families.

    Sponsors: Food & Wine, San Pellegrino, Morton, MGM Grand, Whole Foods, Hidden Valley,

    What did Amar say it was challenging to do, while the judges critiqued his his second course?
    Cook a batch of risotto

    What did Amar say it felt "crazy" to tell him to do while he and Charlie Palmer were grocery shopping for the challenge?
    Pick up different ingredients

    What did Amar say he did the last time he saw Charlie Palmer, before Padma Lakshmi said he would be helping Amar as a sous chef?
    Uttered words that he regretted

    What did Amar say he had the "best experience" doing, before he described his plans for his second and third courses in the challenge?
    Tasting sea urchins out of the water

    What did Gail Simmons tell Jeremy that Jean-Georges Vongerichten wanted to do after tasting Jeremy's fourth course?
    Put it on his restaurant's menu

    What did Hubert Keller and Tom Colicchio agree that Amar had done, while they critiqued his third course?
    Undercooked a rack of lamb

    What did Jeremy realize that he did, before presenting his second course?
    Undercooked fillets of fish

    What did Jeremy do after Padma Lakshmi told him that he had won the competition and was "Top Chef"?
    Lifted his hands to his head

    What did Jeremy work on doing to prepare the fourth course, before Amar talked about the techniques he was using?
    Chilling encapsulated honey spheres

    What were Jeremy and Amar doing, while Amar talked about how Jeremy had been a tough chef all season?
    Playing a billiards game
    San Pellegrino

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