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    Major Crimes : Hindsight Part 5

    Synopsis: The threads of seven murders are tied together; the field of suspects is narrowed to three; Mark Hickman confronts the truth about his past; Sharon uses an unreliable witness; Provenza and Patrice solve their wedding issues.

    What did Buzz do before Patrice and Provenza's wedding ceremony started?
    Filmed while walking down the aisle

    What did Mark do after Sykes suggested he let go of all the "bitterness" and walk away?
    Mocked her for being a "good girl"

    What did Provenza plead with Buzz to do to help him plan his wedding, before Buzz suggested he go with what Patrice asked for?
    Write down whom he should invite

    What did Raydor say Dennis did while attempting to kill Barnes, reasoning that he wasn't Tamika's killer?
    Shot at him several times in a hotel room and missed

    What did Rusty do after he stated that Sharon never hit him despite what Gary claimed?
    Listed things she couldn't plan well

    What did Rusty explain he was going to do while Gary stared at him silently?
    Leave him behind in jail

    What did Steph and Sanchez do before he called for a drug dog, during a raid?
    Approached a taco food truck in a warehouse

    What did Steph do while attempting to commit suicide, after she confessed to killing Tamika and unwittingly killing Jeremiah?
    Pulled the trigger of an unloaded gun under her chin

    What did Sykes explain she did when she visited with Mark, before Raydor asked how she'd act when the defense asked for sources?
    Recorded and transcribed everything he had said

    What did Tao claim that Mark did, according to a file, before Mark claimed that he never possessed the Uzi?
    Ran its serial number through a database

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