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    Gotham : Wrath of the Villains: This Ball of Mud and Meanness

    Synopsis: Alfred and Selina help Bruce search for his parents' killer, Matches Malone; Gordon goes to Edward Nygma with Kristen Kringle's whereabouts; Hugo Strange continues working to reduce the Penguin's aggression.

    What did Alfred do during a fight against Cupcake, forcing him to concede and say "uncle"?
    Held him in a choke hold on the ground

    What did Bruce recall that Matches did, which helped him remember murdering Martha and Thomas?
    Grabbed and broke her pearl necklace

    What did Bruce do after he failed to tempt Jeri with money in return for Matches's whereabouts?
    Revealed a revolver in his coat pocket

    What did Hugo do during a counseling session, before Oswald explained that he often felt remorse?
    Conducted a word association test

    What did Jeri do before people grabbed Jim, allowing Bruce to make his escape?
    Shone a small spotlight at him

    What did Jeri do before Bruce told her that he was looking for her?
    Leaped into a crowd during her band's performance

    What did Jeri do after Jim demanded that she reveal Bruce's whereabouts, as he detained her in an interrogation room?
    Stated that his temper was infamous

    What did Oswald do after he told a fellow inmate to promise to be nice, during an exam that Hugo and Peabody supervised?
    Cut his bindings to free his arms from a chair

    What did Matches do after Bruce claimed that he wanted to hire him for a hit?
    Shut the apartment door behind him

    What did Peabody do after Oswald shouted that she was vexing him, in footage from a previous episode?
    Shocked him with a device he was rigged to

    In a "Gotham Villains Revealed" segment during this show, what did Cory Michael Smith learn while discussing a riddle with with Courtney Schmidt, while driving an automaker's vehicle?
    Props that he would be using in an upcoming episode, before Smith decided he needed to go to a bar

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