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    How to Get Away With Murder : There's My Baby

    Synopsis: The Keating 5 are questioned about the night Emily Sinclair was killed; as the hunt for Philip intensifies, Caleb disappears.

    What did Annalise do, in a flashback, after she talked to an officer on the phone to say that she had information for Agent King?
    Became involved in a car accident

    What did Annalise tell Wes that Rose had done to kill herself, after Annalise admitted she put pressure on Rose to lie in court?
    Hurt herself with a knife

    What did Annalise accuse Wallace of doing, in a flashback, before saying Rose was "nobody" to him?
    Sexually assaulting her

    What did Asher and Michaela do while at a bar after they agreed that they shouldn't, after she hit him at his insistence?
    Kissed each other in the bathroom

    What did Eve try to encourage Annalise to do, before Bonnie knocked on Annalise's bedroom door to tell her that Nate arrived?
    Drive back to New York with her

    What did Laurel confirm to the team that she and Frank did, as they were lounging in Annalise's living room?
    Broke up with each other

    What did Laurel do toward the end of her interview with Todd in his office about security footage?
    Spoke in Spanish to him

    What did Oliver reveal to Connor that he did after saying he had secrets too, while the team was drinking at a bar?
    Left his job the previous week

    What did Phillip do after Annalise noticed that something was wrong, before Eve told Wes to call 9-1-1?
    Knocked her down and attacked her

    What did Todd note that Connor did, while reviewing security footage with him, as Bonnie acted as Connor's lawyer?
    Walked down stairs seeming "distraught"

    In a promotional advertisement during this program, for a show called "The Catch," what happened?
    Private investigator tracked down a man who stole her entire life savings after they eloped

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