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    Hoarders : Where Are They Now?

    Synopsis: Catching up with subjects featured in past seasons, including food hoarder Jill who ignores expiration dates and obsessive book collectors Claire and Vance.

    What did Alan do after text on screen said that he worsened when he discovered items removed that he did not approve of?
    Threw a stroller onto the ground

    What did Brendan say in a confessional that Jill did as a "trophy" in her new house a year after she organized her home?
    Kept a pumpkin on her coffee table

    What did Claire and Vance do while Dorothy narrated that they are "100%" happy in their home?
    Leaned in to give a kiss

    What did Cory do after he congratulated Alan on working hard to provide a good life for Frankie?
    Brought attention to his displayed drawings

    What did Dale do in footage after he said he was not happy because he feels a "regression"?
    Digging through a blue garbage receptacle

    What did Dale do after a text on screen stated that the management of his apartment building would face an unavoidable "showdown"?
    Stated that sprinklers needed to be accessible

    What did Dorothy do after she revisited Claire and Vance's living room, after she said that her expectations were "really low"?
    Pointed out places to sit

    What did Kathy say that Jill did, before Jill said it gave her time to think about how her hoarded items affected her life?
    Hauled a cart six blocks

    What did Mark do before he saw her bed, while she confirmed that it was her nightly routine?
    Climbed a ladder to an attic

    What did Verna say that she did after Mark asked her why she brought excess items into her bedroom again?
    Wanted projects within reach

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