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    King Kong

    Synopsis: An oil explorer, a zoologist and a shipwrecked blonde capture a huge ape leading to a battle atop the World Trade Center.

    What did Dwan tell Jack, Fred, and Capt. Ross that Harry was going to do, after they revealed to her that she was the sole survivor of a yacht disaster?
    Put her in a movie

    What did Dwan do, as she became enraged with Kong, before she exclaimed "you want to eat me, then go ahead"?
    Pummeled his snout with blows

    What did Fred and the other crew members from the oil ship do, which caused the natives to run in fear, after Kong carried Dwan away into the jungle?
    Fired flare guns into the air

    What did Fred do, while addressing the crew of an oil ship, before Fred jokingly said that he had made donations to someone who lived on Pennsylvania Avenue?
    Pointed at slides in a presentation

    What did a group of natives do, during a ceremony meant to appease Kong, as Jack, Fred, Dwan, Joe, and the others observed them in secret?
    Wore costumes and performed a dance

    What happened while Kong was alone with Dwan inside of his lair, as he attempted to remove her top, before Dwan called out to Jack for help?
    NOT--Swarm of blood-drinking bats swooped down on him
    Giant snake slithered from the dark and attacked him
    Acid spewing from a vent burnt him in several places
    NOT--Stalactite fell and impaled him through his shoulder

    What did Kong do, while held captive inside the cargo hold of the oil ship, which caused the alarms to go off?
    Ripped off a pipe and banged on the walls

    What did Kong do, while being pursued by Jack and others from the oil ship, which resulted in the deaths of Carnahan, Garcia, Timmons, and Joe?
    Rolled a log that they crossing over

    What did Kong do to kill Fred, during an exhibition in New York, after Kong broke free from his cage?
    Stomped on him with his foot

    What did Kong do while rampaging through the streets of New York, as he searched for Dwan, before Jack helped her escape?
    Smashed a passenger tra

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