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    How to Get Away With Murder : It's a Trap

    Synopsis: Annalise tries to keep everyone calm, and stay ahead of Philip's threats; Wes and Laurel are faced with confusion as they investigate the death of Wes' mother.

    What was Annalise doing in her office before Bonnie revealed to her that Caleb called and said Catherine didn't provide any information to him?
    Watching video footage on a laptop

    What did Annalise tell Charles, Sylvia, and Wallace that Rose requested to do during Charles's trial, which Sylvia tried to convince Annalise to talk her out of?
    Remain anonymous while giving her testimony

    What did Charles tell Annalise, in a flashback from ten years prior, that he and Rose did, after Rose said she spotted Charles in a corner office?
    Talked about the weather

    What did Connor express concern to Oliver over Philip potentially doing, after Connor said he wanted to apply for a transfer to Stanford?
    Breaking into their home while they slept

    What did Connor do while in Annalise's office, after she suggested the group call Philip's bluff?
    Called out a five second countdown

    What did Frank do during a flashback from ten years prior, after Annalise announced she was taking him to Ohio to help with Charles's trial?
    Put on a black suit jacket

    What did Laurel demand that Frank refrain from doing, before she asked him if he killed Lila on behalf of Annalise?
    Answering a phone call

    What did people present in court for Charles's trial do, during a flashback from ten years prior, before Frank entered the court and shook his head?
    Looked at a closed circuit feed

    What was Wes doing as a child, during a flashback from ten years prior, as Rose lay dying on the floor?
    Standing over her while holding a bloody knife

    What did Wes do while sitting in a car with Laurel, after she told him that it made her feel weird that he was so nice to her?
    Kissed her on her lips

    In a promotional advertisement during this program, for a show called "Of Kings and Prophets," what happened?
    Man led a legendary life as a brave warrior and a lover

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