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    Survivor : Kindergarten Camp

    Synopsis: A castaway retrieves an idol from great heights; two castaways in the beauty tribe become friends; a taxing physical challenge could lead to immunity and rewards.

    What did the Brain Tribe do, before they noted their frustrations and Liz talked about the possibility of getting sick from bad drinking water?
    Inspected the contents of a kerosene bottle

    What did the Brawn Tribe try to do at night, as they discussed their last Tribal Council where Darnell was sent home?
    Start a fire using a tool

    What did the Brawn Tribe do while they competed in the Immunity Challenge, after the teams raced from the starting line?
    Hoisted a log on their shoulders
    Nike (Julia's shoes)

    What did Caleb do during the Immunity Challenge, before the Beauty Tribe won the challenge?
    Used a slingshot to hit a target

    What was Debbie doing to provide entertainment for the Brains Tribe, after Peter joked about how many cats she owned?
    Juggling a set of small stones

    What did Jenny say she did while discussing her decision of who to vote for in Tribal Council, after she noted her dissatisfaction with Jason?
    Possessed little control of her impulses

    What did Jenny tell the rest of the Brawn Tribe to do during Tribal Council as she tried to dissuade them from voting her off?
    Trust the originally alliance that they had

    What did Liz do while she vented how she was emotional due to a lack of appreciation from Joe in the Brain Tribe?
    Let herself float on the surface of the water

    What did Tai do while he was looking for an Immunity Idol, before he found a clue?
    Dug through the soil at the base of a tree

    What did Tai do while he was interacting with Caleb, before Michele and Julia talked about their “bromance”?
    Moved closer to try and kiss him

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what were you encouraged to watch during "Mom," after an upcoming movie was noted?
    Special preview of scenes from the movie
    "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"

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