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    Today 2/23/2016

    **BONUS GAME**

    :::::::::::::PART 1

    What did Al Roker report may happen in Southern states, while he reported on the severe weather alerts?
    Tornadoes may touch down

    What did Carson Daily report a popular coffee company claimed to have done which upset a lot of its customers?
    Improved its rewards program

    What did Janet Shamlian report Michael Barrett did eight years prior, before she stated that Erin Andrews was seeking $75 million from a lawsuit?
    Posted a nude video of her online

    What did Keir Simmons report staff members at Kensington Palace were threatening to go on strike over?
    Pay amounts they earned

    What did Pete Williams report Bill Gates thought a company should help the FBI by doing?
    Unlocking a password protected smartphone

    What did Ron Mott report Jason Dalton allegedly did, after Vicki Kopf stated that Abigail Kopf was fighting for her life?
    Shot her in a parking lot

    What did Savannah Guthrie report Vice Pres. Joe Biden did, after she recalled Biden's previous opinion in 1992?
    Posted on a social media site

    What did Willie Geist report happened in Melbourne, Australia, before he stated that no one had been injured?
    Ceiling in a restaurant collapsed
    Sinkhole opened under a church
    Construction crane caught on fire
    NOT--Gunman shot a rifle in a market

    What did Willie Geist report Bill Cosby repeatedly denied doing, after he said that Camille Cosby would testify at a second deposition?
    Participating in sexual misconduct

    What did Willie Geist report Jason Dalton was doing during his killing spree in Michigan?
    Driving passengers in his car

    ::::::::::::::::::::::PART 2

    What did Carson Daly point out that Joanna Coles didn't notice that Savannah Guthrie never did, during the "Up for the Job" segment?
    Brought her the tea that she wanted

    What did Carson Daly report that René Angélil did last month, after saying that Céline Dion would be returning to the stage?
    Lost his battle with cancer

    What did Dr. Luke post on a social site that he never did before saying that Kesha was like his little sister, during Joe Fryer's report?
    Rapped or engaged in sex with her

    What did Natalie Morales report that more people than ever before did, after Charlie Sheen appeared on "Today" with his revelation?
    Searched HIV and related terms online

    What did report Donald Trump said he wanted to do when a man heckled him at a rally in Las Vegas?
    Punch him in his face

    What was Savannah Guthrie doing as she said she was living her dream, at the beginning of the "Up for the Job" segment?
    Looking at racks of clothes

    What did Savannah Guthrie report that Walt Bettinger does when he's considering an applicant for a job?
    Takes them out for breakfast

    What was Scott Kelly doing in footage from aboard the International Space Station, during Savannah Guthrie's report?
    Wearing a gorilla costume

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