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    Chicago Fire : Two Ts

    Synopsis: A propaganda attack causes Casey to reconsider his run for alderman; when a man is trapped inside a burning car, it seems the fire may have been set intentionally; Trudy's nerdy brother plans Mouch's bachelor party; a kidnapping investigation.

    What did a billboard indicate that Casey’s mother did, after Capp encouraged the members of the firehouse to come out and look at it?
    Murdered the husband she married
    Chili's / TGI Friday's

    What was Casey doing when Becks approached and told a Mr. Jankowski that he would take care of his issue with a traffic light?
    Shaking hands at a pancake breakfast

    What did a flier indicate that Casey did, after a girl approached Casey outside the firehouse and revealed where the fliers were posted?
    Worked at a strip club

    What happened while the members of the firehouse tended to Warren’s car accident, after Teddy was taken from the vehicle?
    Explosions popped manhole lids into the air

    What was happening in the “Sunflower Suite,” when Mouch and the men of the firehouse arrived for his bachelor’s party?
    Women danced in fishnets and lingerie

    What did Kidd and Jimmy do while they were tending to an injury Tom in front of the firehouse?
    Removed a tire chain from around his face

    What was Kidd doing at the firehouse when Dawson approached and started questioning her about her relationship with Severide?
    Writing her name on a locker

    What did Severide find a man doing inside a vehicle that was on fire, before Casey noticed students across the street witnessing the scene?
    Sitting tied up with a knife in his side

    What did Sylvie do while she was interacting with Teddy’s mother, before the mother threatened to have Sylvie fired?
    Questioned if she was using drugs

    What did Sylvie ask Maggie to do at the hospital, after she asked Maggie if anything “raised a red flag” about Warren?
    Look up information about him

    In a promotional advertisement during this program, for a show called "Heartbeat," what happened?
    Surgeon became the first woman to successfully complete a difficult transplant

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