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    NCIS: New Orleans : Second Chances

    Synopsis: Special Agent Pride and the team uncover a domestic drug ring -- led by Sonja's childhood friend, Marion Watkins (Samaire Armstrong), that is producing cocaine.

    What did Dwayne and his team do when they performed a raid on an isolated compound, before Dwayne found out Percy was undercover?
    Discovered a cocaine operation

    What did Dwayne, LaSalle, and Brody find Kaufman doing, after they discovered Kaufman's identity by watching footage from C.P.O. Tolbin's cameras?
    Laying in a van that overturned

    What did Dwayne do while he, Agent Banks, and Brody investigated Marion's shooting, after Marion said Kirk coerced a driver?
    Walked over towards a door in a tunnel

    What did Kaufman do to kill C.P.O. Tolbin during an altercation, after Tolbin caught Kaufman stealing materials used for explosives?
    Pushed him to skewer him on a rebar

    What did LaSalle and Percy find Marion doing, after they heard a gunshot while Marion was in Kirk's company?
    Bleeding in the middle of the street
    NOT--Ford (LaSalle/Percy)

    What did a law enforcement officer do to incapacitate Kirk, while Kirk was threatening to harm Percy and Breanne?
    Shot him in his chest with a sniper rifle

    What did Loretta do while she was giving Dwayne an update on Kaufman, before Sebastian revealed where Kaufman was an hour before he died?
    Explained the contents of his stomach

    What did Marion reveal that a street crew did the last time she gave cooperated with the police, during Dwayne and Agent Banks's interrogation?
    Held her down and poured lye on her

    What did Percy threaten that Breanne could possibly do if Marion went to prison, before Marion agreed to cooperate in Kirk's apprehension?
    Bounce from house to house in "dysfunctional" families

    What did Percy do while she and LaSalle were responding to a loud sound, before she found Marion with Breanne?
    Kicked in a door with her gun drawn

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