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    Today 2/22/2016

    ::::::::::::PART 1

    What did Blake McCoy report that a fourteen year-old girl did when doctors were preparing her body for organ donation?
    Squeezed her mother's hand

    What did Blake McCoy report that a father and his teenage son were doing before Jason Dalton fatally shot them?
    Looking at cars at a dealership

    What did Carson Daly report that Matthew Perry was doing, after noting he introduced his friends and former cast mates as they honored James Burrows?
    Working on a London stage

    What did David Schwimmer, as "Ross," do in footage, after Courtney Cox said the "blackout" episode of "Friends" was her favorite, in a report by Carson Daly?
    Reacted to a cat on his back

    What did Donald Trump do in footage from his "victory lap" in Atlanta, before Hallie Jackson noted a protester's actions?
    Asked for the lights to be turned off

    What did Jacob Rascon report that Emma Coronel Aispuro said Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman did during the fifteen minutes she visited him in prison?
    Remained shackled and was freezing

    What did Kristen Welker report that Sen. Sanders did on Sunday in order to gain ground with minorities?
    Attended a Baptist church

    What did Stephanie Gosk report that Camille Cosby's lawyers said a hotel was chosen as the location for a deposition in order to do?
    Harass and embarrass her

    What did Stephanie Gosk report that Camille Cosby did for years, before noting a civil suit brought by seven women against Bill Cosby?
    Worked as his business manager

    What did Willie Geist report that more than 6,000 residents across Fiji were doing, before noting that Cyclone Winston was the strongest storm in the hemisphere?
    Staying in emergency shelters

    :::::::::::::::::: PART 2

    What did Al Roker do after Willie Geist reported on a "comeback," while noting sales that were "way up"?
    Pulled out the tape from a cassette

    What did Andrea Mitchell report that Sen. Sanders did on Sunday, before noting many of his lines seemed to fall "flat"?
    Traveled to a Baptist church

    What did Carson Daly do before he began the "PopStart" report about Taylor Swift serving as a maid of honor?
    Drained a margarita from a glass

    What did Dr. Azar tell Savannah Guthrie that a class of drugs were used to do, before noting that a study's authors found the number of deaths quadrupled?
    Treat insomnia and mood disorders

    What did a female zoo keeper tell Al that she would teach him to do, after he signed a waiver, during the "Al's Internship at San Diego Zoo" segment?
    Clean the panda exhibit

    What did Rick Schwartz tell Al Roker that he would do, after he introduced Roker to Kimberly, during the "Al's Internship at San Diego Zoo" segment?
    Make brunch for the lions

    What did Sheinelle Jones report that Jamie Little did at the Daytona 500 race, as Jones recited Little's apology to John Cena?
    Swiped him with her ponytail

    What did Virginia McLaurin do, in footage from the White House, when she met Pres. Obama and Michelle Obama?
    Showed off her dance moves

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