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    Castle : The Blame Game

    Synopsis: Castle is abducted and forced to solve deranged puzzles and mind games with strangers; Beckett and the 12th precinct race to save Castle.

    What did Alexis do after Hayley walked into her office and inquired about Castle's whereabouts?
    Looked up his call log
    Apple (laptop)

    What did Alexis do after she walked into the room that Castle and Beckett had been trapped in?
    Walked to him and hugged him

    What did Beckett do after she found a handgun hidden in a secret compartment in the classroom?
    Noted two bullets loaded in its chamber

    What did Beckett do after she jokingly told Castle that he would have a great "icebreaker" if Stephen King ever called him?
    Clinked wine glasses with him

    What did Beckett prevent Meadow from doing, before Meadow revealed she was allergic to peanuts?
    Smoking a cigarette

    What did Brandon do after he told the people trapped in a locked room that they had to have faith in their captor?
    Pulled down on a lever

    What did Castle do before he combined liquids from two vials to try and make an antidote?
    Noticed the hands on a clock

    What did Emma do before she was shot and killed in her apartment?
    Picked a jacket out of a closet

    What did Jennifer tell Ryan and Esposito that Emma recently did, after she said Emma had been acting strange that week?
    Received a promotion at work

    What did Rose tell Ryan and Esposito that Faye did, after she said she attended Faye's funeral the previous week?
    Committed suicide via hanging

    In a promotional advertisement during this program, for a show called "The Family," what happened?
    Teenage son returned home after having being kidnapped over a decade earlier as a man mentioned he was different

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